Wheal Martyn Visit (1)

Year 6 are lucky enough to be part of the ‘Pit, Paper, Porcelain’ project this year.

The first part of the project involved the class becoming writers for the day and heading to the Museum to be inspired. We set off on the 10th October; a beautifully sunny day.

Once there, they worked with Becca Gregson-a real writer! They walked through the  Museum and were encouraged to note down the sights, sounds, smells and emotions that the area inspired.

They then headed back to the Museum to write some sentences in groups that they could use back at school.



As part of our topic this term, the children have been encouraged to take their learning home. They were set the homework task of creating a robot using any junk from around the home.

Below are some of the wonderful creations that made it into school: