Taking Control!

In our science lessons on Electricity, we have investigated a range of circuits,using bulbs, buzzers, motors and switches. This week, we made a clown’s face complete with a flashing red nose and a spinning bow tie. We loved it!


Ict scratch lizards learning.

In scratch we have been  learning about  how to change our  Sprite  and change our background and make our pen follow the mouse and  using motions  control and pen . I enjoy this lesson a lot.

By Jayden 👍

Lizards science

We have enjoyed our science making circuits with light bulbs,buzzers and motors. We have also learnt how to draw a diagram of a circuit using the symbols and we found out what things were conductors and what things are insulators.

By Charlie😀😀🔌🔋💡


Year 6 is a really important year with transition to Secondary at the end of the year.

Homework is a crucial way of helping children to remember the topics that are being  revised in class and that will be assessed in the SATS in May.

Homework for week beginning 2nd October is Electrical circuit symbols and multiplying decimals by 10, 100, 1000. This needs to be returned on Monday 7th October.

Some additional websites in which the children can play games to help with our work in class can be found in :-    http://www.topmarks.co.uk     under 7-11 years and place value

We have also been looking at embedded clauses, relative clauses and the use of colons and semi-colons in English and help with this can be found in:-

http://www.bbc.co.uk KS2 Bitesize English Spelling and Grammar (Clauses)

http://www.mrnussbaum.com  (semi-colons)

Spellings for 2nd October: –

(Homophones) – Words that sound the same but have a different meaning.    (-ise – verb, -ice – noun)

advice        device          practice              farther       whose       

advise        devise           practise             father          who’s






A New school Year!

In Pedrevan class we have started the new school year really well! Our topic is taking control. We are working hard on our Iron Man story and revising SPAG topics and maths concepts, last week learning about different types of nouns  and Place Value in maths. Our science is Electricity.


This week’s spellings are:-

vicious                suspicious             conscious                ambitious          infectious

precious             delicious                 malicious                cautious            nutritious


Spellings for this week:-

official                  special                     artificial                  facial                     crucial

partial                  confidential             essential                 initial                     influential

Spellings are given on Monday each week and checked on the following Monday. It is essential (one of our spellings!) that the children learn these spellings really carefully in class and at home each week so that they can increase the amount of words that they know and use them in their writing.




Today I have set the challenge to make our blog posts more exciting!! The children have spent their time looking at other school’s blogs and discussing what makes them interesting. We have also looked at how we can appeal to a greater audience.

Our first task is to get other people reading our publications and to leave comments about what they think, so that we can improve.

Our second task is to get our work viewed by an audience further away than Britian!


Let the challenge begin….Mrs Nash x

Revision (27/2/17)


Revision links for apostrophes for possession e.g Emmas house and for contraction e.g do not becomes dont.






Adding and subtracting fractions with the same, and different denominators e.g 1/5 + 3/5 = 4/5 and 2/8 + 1/16 = 5/16.




 Remember, any problems then please come and see me and I’ll be happy to help.  Mrs Nash