Taking Control!

In our science lessons on Electricity, we have investigated a range of circuits,using bulbs, buzzers, motors and switches. This week, we made a clown’s face complete with a flashing red nose and a spinning bow tie. We loved it!


This week’s spellings and revision

World War Two related spelling words

aggressive.        hostile

awkward.          Obstinate

Desperate.            Frantic. 

Disastrous.             Calamitous

Marvellous.           Spectacular
We have been revising addition and subtraction (mental and column), including decimals and fractions so far this term and the BBC have a good website for helping with the understanding and practise of these topics. 

http://www.bbc.co.uk KS2 bitesize.              Mental maths Tests and games -www.topmarks.co.uk

World War Two

Pedrevan class were so fortunate this week to have a very special visitor! To help us to better understand the contribution of the brave young men who fought in the Second World War, we listened to the amazing Harry Billinge recalling his memories of his time serving in France. The children were mesmerised and so interested in the emotional stories he told of his time there.


This week’s Spellings

Referring.                      Referred

Referral.                          Preferring 

Preferred.                       Transferring

Transferred.                   Reference

Referee.                             Preference

Remember to log on to Activelearn and Purplemash where there are lots of games to reinforce the topics we have been covering in class.

Transition day at Brannel

Tuesday 14th November

We have had an amazing day at Brannel today! We made key rings in the D.T room, aeroplanes that flew using tubes of air, watched the rocket cars, rolled paper structures and made bread in the Catering Suite.  Some of the children’s ideas and creativity was just fantastic and we are sure that this will help to make the transition to Brannel in July much smoother!

This week’s spellings

Week Beginning 14th November

changeable                               illegible

noticeable                                 legible

knowledgeable                        eligible

serviceable                               terrible

forcible                                      manageable

Web sites to help with our recent work on synonyms and antonyms

http://www.abcya.com -synonyms_antonyms                    www.turtlediary.com